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Katahdin Cedar Fence

Standing Strong in New England Since 1973

Northern white cedar (Thuja Occidentalis or Arborvitae) is an environmentally friendly alternative for your fencing needs.  Being naturally resistant to insects and rot this eliminates the need for chemical additives which may be harmful to children, pets, and our natural resources. 

Support American Manufacturing    

Located in Northern Maine we have been serving the New England Fence Industry since 1973 and work with some of the finest craftsman in the region. We offer a variety of cedar fence products to choose from:






We are committed to delivering our patrons the highest quality products at a reasonable price. Choosing a Katahdin Cedar Fence will be a step in the right direction in enhancing your property. Enjoy your new cedar fence with its natural beauty as it turns a distinguished silvery grey over time. Or since cedar accepts stain, color coordinate your new Katahdin Cedar Fence with it's surroundings. Find out for yourself why some of the finest fence design / installation professionals prefer Katahdin Cedar Fencing. The highest quality commercial grade Northern White Cedar manufactured in New England.

We are commited to providing exceptional service and consistant quality.  Find out for yourself why New England Fencing Contractors prefer Katahdin.  All of our material is manufactured in the USA.  When you work with our company it has a direct impact on the local economy, and we appreciate your support.  

Katahdin offers FSC Certified Northern White Cedar.  We are proud to work with companies that enforce sustainable harvest practices, thus ensuring to many generations in the future the beauty and abundance of our forest resources.  Please contact us direct at the mill 800-532-1967 for inquiries.

Katahdin Cedar Fence is a division of Katahdin Forest Products.  Katahdin Forest Products has been manufacturing cedar products for almost four decades and is also the parent company of  Katahdin Cedar Log Homes.  For more information about our Log Homes please click on the link below.